Our Mission


The mission of the European-American Cultural Foundation is to strengthen cultural bonds and collaboration between the European Union and EU Member States with the United States, reflective of their profound historical relationship and affinity. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the Foundation will strive to:

  • Increase the profile and awareness of European linguistic and cultural diversity in all its forms among the American population.

  • Deliver high-quality dialogue and programming to American people across the United States.

  • Engage with emerging demographic groups in the United States for whom Europe is not a part of their primary frame of reference.

  • Develop long-term partnerships in cultural cooperation and exchange.

  • Expose the dynamic younger population of the United States to the cultures and peoples of the European Union member states through intercultural dialogue and exchange.

  • Raise funds for and assist in the development and delivery of European events and programs in the arts, culture, languages, education, and science presented collectively by the Cultural Departments of the European Union countries.

  • Strengthen business and cultural relationships between the U.S. and Europe.




Image of Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Image of Berlin

Long exposure shot of London highway with Big Ben in the background

Image of Madrid